Purpose of the association

HEFT Foundation is an independent organization based in Switzerland. HEFT stands for „Health & Education for Tomorrow.“ The purpose of the association is to promote and support the school Aung Oo Myae in Sagaing Hill / Myanmar, a non-profit school for orphans and children from poor families. Furthermore, the association aims to bring financial, material and personal sponsorship and support to similar charitable projects in Switzerland and abroad. This association is exclusively non-profit and operates with all revenue flowing to the promotion and support of its projects.




HEFT was founded in 2015 by Silvan Meier and Veronica Pérez with the support of friends from Switzerland.

On an extended trip through Asia in November 2014, Silvan and Veronica coincidentally happened upon the Buddhist monastery school „Aung Oo Myae“ in Myanmar, and decided spontaneously to stay and teach English to the young monks and nuns. The simple life of the poor families and the extraordinarily cordial contacts with the children and the Myanmar population left a deep impact. According to the motto „deeds, not words“ they decided to form an association and raise funds to support the school and other charitable projects in Myanmar.

Silvan and Veronica have already spent several months in Myanmar and have close ties with the monastery school and and the local people. They are the official representants oft Aung Myae Oo.

For more information about Silvan and Veronica (and reports about their life in Aung Myae Oo), please visit their website http://www.verosilvan.com


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